Title: 2020/1/6 12:16:36
Is this a BYOB?
Title: 2019/7/15 12:49:05
Received our delivered order. I had specifically made a note that the fried pork dumplings should be LIGHTLY fried, since our orders last night were a bit burnt. Unfortunately our two orders today were also burnt? Do you have a new chef? Does the chef get the requests? We normally love your food...
Title: 2019/12/21 17:56:03
The order was incorrect I ordered general tso's chicken dinner special with white rice no vegetables in the general Chow's chicken and I also ordered a dish of pork fried rice they did not give me my white rice take me to general tso's chicken with vegetables in it and then they gave us two side orders of pork fried rice no vegetable no egg there was hair inside the pork fried rice in which also looks like fingernails inside the food which is very disgusting they told us that the order would be half an hour the order took an hour and a half it was still wrong and we did not get our egg rolls with our dinner combos neither and the general tso's chicken was undercooked it was still pink on the inside
Title: 2019/11/26 14:10:22
I have ordered from you for a few years. I can not believe that you are now charging 5.00 delivery fee for over 10 miles. Really? We have an order coming tonight that will probably be our last. This fee, in addition to having to spend 30.00 for a delivery to West Milford is ridiculous. While I love your food, I will not be gouged with that expense. It has been a pleasure, but no more. I am not stupid. Robin O’Brien
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