Title: 2022/2/21 23:37:21
Dear ringwoodct.com Owner, I recently spent some time on your website. Based on what I saw, there are a few things you could implement pretty quickly that would help boost your Google rankings, traffic, social media, conversion And Local SEO. We are also into website design, development and can redesign your website. Not sure what your initiatives are in this area, but is this something that’s on your radar? Best Regards, Ryan Estrada 240-381-8324
Title: 2022/12/3 14:27:29
Do you deliver to Ringwood residents for no charge? Is there a minimum amount to get delivery?
Title: 2022/12/24 8:30:48
Hello! What time are you opened until tonight? Thank you!
Title: 2021/9/1 15:00:56
I placed an order but don't have any cash. I would like to pay by credit card. Can I do that when delivery comes? I tried calling to give you credit card information but calls are not going through. Always busy signal. Please call me at 9733905540 so I can give you credit card information. online order (#527111093)
Title: 2021/7/31 16:56:38
We have been ordering from you for years and have noticed the last few times we receied food the portions were much smaller. We order ordered 3 lunch specials today and were very dissapointed in the portions, my son even made a comment that the container was not even full for his lomein, like it use to be. I hope you go back to how it was. Thank youl
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