Title: 2022/12/24 8:30:48
Hello! What time are you opened until tonight? Thank you!
Title: 2021/9/1 15:00:56
I placed an order but don't have any cash. I would like to pay by credit card. Can I do that when delivery comes? I tried calling to give you credit card information but calls are not going through. Always busy signal. Please call me at 9733905540 so I can give you credit card information. online order (#527111093)
Title: 2021/7/31 16:56:38
We have been ordering from you for years and have noticed the last few times we receied food the portions were much smaller. We order ordered 3 lunch specials today and were very dissapointed in the portions, my son even made a comment that the container was not even full for his lomein, like it use to be. I hope you go back to how it was. Thank youl
Title: 2021/7/19 19:08:22
Your "contact us" google map does not work.
Title: 2021/6/1 13:14:08
I wanted to enquire whether you do home deliveries ? Kind regards, Michelle
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